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This will be such a ✨delight✨! I get to celebrate @danajerimaier’s book launch in Brooklyn! She’s a dear friend of mine but also a beacon of unending creative inspiration, and you’re invited to come join our chat all about creativity! 💫 

Dana’s new book is ideal for anyone who struggles with the so-called creative process (NOT ANYONE I KNOW, WINK WINK!!) and we’re going to get into it: experimentation, procrastination, social media, and all your burning questions. SEE YOU IN BROOKLYN! 🎨 


💥 Kripalu Presenter 💥⁣⁣
“Self love” can be a…daunting concept. When you have a lifelong, complicated relationship with someone (like yourself), you don’t just love them: You also like them. You also get annoyed with them. You have honeymoon periods and rough patches, and a responsibility to show you care.⁣⁣
My beloved friend and life-changing teacher @ruthielindsey have been on the self-love journey for A MINUTE. We have both done so much healing and learning and un-learning, and now we have affection for ourselves that even rivals our affection for the birds in our backyards 🪺⁣
So we’re teaching a retreat called BECOMING YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND from March 3-5 at @kripalucenter (in Western Massachusetts, close to Upstate New York).⁣⁣
When Ruthie and I first talked about this retreat last summer (!) we kept using the words JOY, PLAYFULNESS, DELIGHT.⁣⁣
Let’s hang out with our inner kid, inner teenager, inner 20-year-old, and fall in love with every version of ourselves ever (even the ones with the worst hairstyle of our lives/all time).⁣⁣
Ruthie and I have both done a lottttttt of self-work and a lot of it has been hard. And tough. And involved getting extremely lost in the woods looking for a shaman along with the most confused Uber driver ever. Just two white ladies looking for a yurt, what else is new.⁣⁣
But this time we want to bring some of the lightness, sweetness, sensuality, and smiles we’ve enjoyed in the past couple years. Growth doesn’t have to be so TOUGH. It can also be gentle, lovely, skippy. It can take place at an EDM concert or an empty cathedral, a movie theatre or on a date. It can happen through reading, steam-room-ing (my new thing), rollerskating, or sitting on your couch.⁣⁣
I haven’t been to Kripalu yet (!!), but I’ve heard AMAZING things. Soul-shaping, mind-massaging, body-revitalizing things. Apparently the food is bomb, the land is sacred, and the massages are out of this world.⁣⁣
Doesn’t that sound nice?!!⁣⁣
Registration: Link in my bio or at kripalu.org. ⁣⁣
Ruthie and I are going to lose our minds when we finally meet you! Let’s get endeared to ourselves, together.⁣⁣
Photo by @carolwildphotography

About my “writing” “process,” from my latest newsletter

It makes me want to buy school supplies 🍂

Libra Season: a pearl earring dropped into the last morsels of the year, inviting us to seek out elegance, serenity, beauty, and juicy gossip.⁣

My favorite thing about being a Libra is the sound of the word Libra. Which is probably a Libra thing to say.

Photo by @carolwildphotography

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Thinking about the great Mac Miller today: profound being and forever inspiration!!! 🤍

From my August 24 newsletter 🐞

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