I’m offering individual support in the form of my favorite medium: an audio message!

I will send you a 30-minute audio recording and email with resources (book/media recommendations, connections, additional thoughts, lots of love) in response to your questions about:

  • All Things Advice: Are you making a big decision, feeling stuck, moving through grief or heartbreak, and need a listening ear and some gentle suggestions?
  • Something you’re working on: Do you need writing feedback, an artist pep talk, guidance for the next step of your book or project?
  • Creative career: Do you need help writing a book, publicizing your art, or taking a hobby to the next level?
  • Could you use a reminder about your own dazzling beautiful inherent worth, a nudge in your divine direction, or guidance on connecting with your spirit after a period of neglect?
  • OR…….

I’m open to ALLLL your questions and really look forward to hearing your story, hyping you up, and helping you out in any way I can!!

mari xoxo

Writing you a love letter!