Do you sell prints?
No, but I'm currently working on a line of cards, which will come out in 2019!

Are you interested in speaking engagements? 
I love speaking! Here's a talk I recently gave at Sixth and I in Washington, DC. Message me if you'd like to discuss an event!

Do you do work for companies?
Yes, I do a wide range of work for different companies, from Instagram ads to handwritten logos. Message me if you'd like to discuss a project!

Do you illustrate other people's books?
I plan to keep writing and illustrating my own books, but there are sooo many good illustrators out there who would do a fantastic job!

Can you elaborate on your health issues?
You can learn much more about my story by listening to this podcast, which is one of my favorites.

Another good one, all about my recovery from temporary paralysis.

What materials do you use?
Sharpie pens, Fabriano paper, and cheap watercolors...and I just use my phone to take photos of my drawings to put on Instagram, which is why the lighting is so bad! I talk a lot about my creative process, including materials, in my online Skillshare class.

How do I begin to deal with heartbreak and/or loss?
I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. My heart is for you, and with you. I'm processing heartbreak and loss myself--and do so through my drawings, as well as a lot of journaling and talking with friends. Here are a few resources that have been really helpful for me:
-The app Breakup Boss: I did illustrations for it, but I don't make any additional money if you download it--this is a genuine plug because it's so wise!
-Essays by Cheryl Strayed
-The album Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens
-The support group The Dinner Party
-The TV show Master of None
-The movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
-Songs by India.Arie
-The book The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs
-Everything Brené Brown says

Any advice for artists trying to find their style?
My best advice is to make your preferred medium of art every single day--even in the margin of your notebook. The only reason I have a distinct-ish style at this point (though I'm still working on it) is that I've been doodling every morning for over two years. When I first started (at age 28), I had never even drawn a person before. It took me a while to figure out how I actually draw, but it just came with time and doing it a whole lot.

Can I repost you?
I'd be so honored! Tip: It really helps when you kindly credit any artist in the caption when you repost, as most people don't check tags.

What's your Myers-Briggs type?
Not sure! I DO know that I'm a writer, theist, intersectional feminist, solo traveler, friend, daughter, off-and-on pescetarian, samba dancer, only child, and Libra.