My name is Mari (rhymes with starry) and I'm a writer and illustrator and chocolate croissant enthusiast, living in New York (soon). 

I’ve been a writer forever, but I became an illustrator when I was going through a tough time two years ago and needed a new fun form of self-expression. I tried guitar, salsa, surfing, and instructional cooking videos, but drawing is the hobby that stuck around the longest. 

I decided to make one drawing a day for a year and put up my doodles on Instagram to keep myself accountable. First my mom followed, then my friends followed, then strangers started following, which was super exciting and weird and wonderful--so I'm going longer than a year. If you are one of the strangers, THANK YOU for building me a creative home. Your encouragement means the world (and many croissants) to me. 

You can read more about my journey here. I also like this interview with my beloved friend Susan Alexandra (I'm wearing her jewelry in every photo you see of me!).

I get a lot of creative inspiration from heartbreak, and this year I got to work on a. breakup app with real-life goddess Zoë Foster Blake. Download it immediately if your heart is achy!

Now I'm working on a book of illustrated essays, which will be out in March 2018!! This is my wildest dream come true and I'm already planning my outfit for the release party.

For now, find me on Instagram, TwitterCup of Jo, and in the skincare aisle at Sephora. 

I value optimism, honesty, and vulnerability. I do not value "having chill." I'm originally from Seattle, my favorite city is Rio de Janeiro, and I identify strongly with zebras. They always look like they're doing their own thing and having a great time.

Representation by the fabulous Cindy Uh at Thompson Literary Agency.

You are most welcome to email me about anything at mari@bymariandrew.com